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Zahavittshuba Wedding Dresses, Garments & Accessories

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions and any other rules posted on our Site (collectively the “Terms and Conditions”) constitute an agreement between “Zahavit Tshuba ”,”we”, “our”, “us” , “e shop”) and you, the visitor, governing your access and use of all content and functionalities available at the Zahavit Tshuba website, related micro-sites accessed through the Zahavittshuba URL.

Those persons wishing to use our services must read and agree to be bound by our policies relating to those services.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and check back often. If you do not agree to any change to the Terms and Conditions, then you must immediately stop using the Site, related domain names, and any other website or micro-site of Zahavit Tshuba (collectively the “Site”).

By visiting the Site, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in the Terms and Conditions. We may modify the Terms and Conditions from time to time and your continued use of this Site (or any of our other Sites) following such change shall signify your agreement to be bound by the modified Terms and Conditions. Terms and conditions of sale specify the rights and obligations of the purchaser in respect of the products sold in the electronic catalog of the “Zahavittshuba” website.

Article 1:

– The contract established in the case of an effective order made within the framework and according to the conditions set forth in these terms and conditions, is that of the regulation on distance selling, pursuant, in particular, to the Consumer Code, as well as the specific provisions set forth below.

– The order implies irrevocable acceptance of the terms and conditions. The customer states that (s)he has the capacity to enter into this contract, i.e. (s)he is of legal age and not under guardianship.

Article 2: Identification of the offeror

The offeror is:

“Zahavit Tshuba”

18 Hey Beiar, Tel Aviv, Israel

Phone: 972-52-2548810

Article 3: Products

– The products (aka Garments) offered for sale are those listed on the website on the day that the site is accessed by the Customer.

The website of “Zahavittshuba” does not sell products which are used, defective or inferior to market standards. Our garments are either brand new or pre-owned but all customized made to order. Please note that some of the garments namely the dresses are composed of two parts, in spite of the facts that in the photos they seem to look like one. The description of each garment should be read carefully. Also, accessories worn by the model that is wearing the garments are for styling purposes and are not included in the price of the garment. However, these accessories can be purchased separately.

It could happen that a garment that its photo appears in the website, is not in stock or it is only possible to order one part of the garment because we do not have the material in stock anymore etc.

There are garments which their photos were taken in previous years and are now produced differently either from the material aspect, the application mode, the lace pattern, the color or pigment of the material etc.

It should be considered that there may be a diversion of 10% between the product photographed and the product being purchased today.

Therefore, it is recommended to write us by email on each and every question that arises before making the order.

– We draw the Customer’s attention to the fact that the photographs illustrating our products may differ slightly from reality due to the Customer’s screen settings and the lighting when the photo shoot took place.

Furthermore, as these are customized made to order garments, there may be some slight irregularities in finishing’s or differences in format and/or colors, all of which are inherent to this type of production and cannot be considered to be major defects. The seller’s liability cannot be sought and the validity of the order cannot be affected in respect thereof. The photographs, graphics and descriptions of the products offered for sale are purely indicative and not binding upon the company “Zahavittshuba”. Customers may obtain further information by contacting the “Zahavit Tshuba” customer service team.

-        Over time, there may be changes in the garment’s condition, such as wool color fading or pigment changes of metal applications (if there are any) in the garment, dropping of pearls or other accessories. We cannot be responsible for these events and are not responsible for what happens to the garment in future use.

-        Cleaning the garment should be done as per instructions after wearing the garment. Removal of accessories and cleaning should be performed by professional garment cleaners.

-        We are not responsible for anything that happens to the garment after receipt of the product delivery by the customer. 

-        In particular, Should the garment, such as but not limited to a bridal gown, be used for an event, we are not responsible for what might happen to the garment in the course of use during the event e.g. ripping, sting pulling, stains etc.

-        Force Majeure- We are not responsible for any damages incurred to the product or customer in the event of events beyond our control e.g. weather disasters, fires, earthquakes and other events that may affect the production, delivery time and other aspects of the ordered product.


Article 4: Prices

– The prices shown are quoted in US Dollars, including all Israeli taxes, including shipping costs.

-The prices in the “Zahavittshuba” website is significantly lower than similar garments, namely wedding dresses, that are being sold in other stores around the world, considering that these are custom made garments that are handmade and produced from top quality materials. The price is set lower in order to give the customer the opportunity to save the expensive prices usually attributed to these products because of the need to reach out for full service with professionals etc. Therefore, the customer should be aware that in any agreement construed with “Zahavittshuba”, the price is only for the product and does not include any other services other than those rendered by us. The Customer is aware that in the event a repair will be needed, it will need to be done, locally at a professional chosen and paid for by the customer.

– In the event that delivery is made outside of Israel, any customs duties and formalities are the sole responsibility of the Customer, unless otherwise stated. The Customer therefore undertakes to check that (s)he is able to import the ordered products into the intended country of delivery. For countries outside Israel, delivery is made on a DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis. The recipient shall be obligated to pay any import duties or local taxes in respect of his/her order.

Article 5: Orders

– After checking the content of the order, and the total cost thereof (products ordered, shipping charges, optional services), and correcting any errors, the purchaser shall definitively confirm it at the payment stage. This confirmation shall have the value of entering into a contract.

– Once the contract is concluded, the “Zahavit Tshuba” e-shop will email the purchaser a receipt for the order, containing a summary of the information entered in the order form. The invoice for the order will also be provided as an attachment to the e-mail sent to the purchaser.

It is recommended to read our FAQ section, which contains more information that could be useful to the customer in the process of making the order.

– The languages in which the contract can be concluded with the website is English.

Article 6: Payment methods

– For payment of product prices and shipping costs, the purchaser shall follow the procedures indicated in the order form.

– The purchaser has the option to pay by PayPal or bank transfer.

– In the case of payment by bank transfer, the buyer has 4 business days from confirmation of the order to transfer the agreed amount. The order may be canceled if the purchaser does not make the transfer within the stated deadline.

– The financial information shall be transferred via an encrypted protocol to PayPal or to other banks providing services related to remote electronic payment without third parties ever gaining access thereto.

Article 7: Delivery

7.1 Shipping times

7.1.1 “Zahavittshuba” shipping.

Availability and shipping time:

– All garments & accessories under the category “Zahavittshuba” in the Zahavit Tshuba e-shop belongs to the “Zahavittsuba” collection.

– The products in the “Zahavittshuba” line is produced only in very limited quantities or made to order by the fine jewelry workshop located in Tel Aviv. Therefore, it is possible that the piece that the purchaser wishes to buy is not in stock, even though the words “Add to Cart” are displayed on the website. If applicable, the purchaser will be notified and the piece will be made to order by our workshop.


– Due to the fact that our “Zahavittshuba” garments are made to order, the attention of the purchaser is drawn to the fact that shipping times in such cases may vary from a 1 month – to 3 months, depending on the production time and complexity of the requested garments.??

– We strive to reduce this period as much as we can and invite the customer to contact our customer service team to inquire about the real-time availability of our garments.

7.1.2 Shipping of Special Orders

– Any purchaser wishing to make a special order is invited to contact our customer service team to discuss the feasibility of his/her request, get a quote and find out shipping times.

7.2 Delivery times

- The website of “Zahavittshuba” delivers internationally. The ordered product is delivered to the address which appears on the purchaser’s purchase order.

– The delivery time depends on the delivery address as well as the delivery method chosen by the Customer. The “Zahavit Tshuba” e-shop shall not be held liable for any delay due to customs clearance of the exported goods.

– The delivery times specified below only apply to the following shipment categories of the order         

  • International delivery will be performed by DHL or EMS.
  • In case of damage, the purchaser specifies and clarifies its reservations on the delivery note, a copy of which is sent by post or by carrier to the seller. In this respect, it is up to the purchaser to check the contents, compliance and condition of the product upon delivery. This check is deemed to have occurred when the purchaser, or a person duly authorized by him/her, signs the delivery note presented by the postal worker or by the carrier.
  • Despite the care taken in the preparation of orders, it is possible that a product may be missing, or that an error may occur during the preparation. If you encounter such an error, please report it by email to: within a maximum of 24 hours since receiving the order.

Article 8: Returns

The cancellation of the transaction and the return of the product will be possible under the terms of these regulations and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, except when it comes to products that were specifically tailored to the customer and/or products that were prepared for the customer in personal design.

- All of “Zahavit Tshuba” products are made to order, according to the purchaser preferences (of color, size etc.).  Before we ship the garment, we send photos of it with a measuring tape attached to the garment reflecting that we followed the customer orders. Once the customer approves the photo and its contents we consider that to be a final approval by the customer for the garment and/or accessories that were ordered including but not limited to size, color etc. Therefore, returns are not acceptable unless the garment has a defect that cannot be repaired or the customer received a different garment and/or accessory than what was ordered and/or shown in the photos that were approved by the customer in all such cases the garment/product should be returned to us new, unused.

- A defected product will be recognized as such only if there is a significant defect and not something minor such as a slight change of the stitch or a string pulled out of its place. These types of items can be repaired at the local level.

- At any case in which a customer claims that there is a defect, and it is a defect that can be repaired, we will try to help in facilitating the repair. We will send a piece of material if needed. Should there be a missing component in the dress we will send it in an expedited delivery. If a stitch unravels, or something else had occurred and it can be repaired locally, we will help and also reimburse the cost of the repair.

- In exceptional cases, we will bring back the product to us in order to repair the product at our workshop and upon completion will return it to the customer and declare to customs that this is an already purchased garment being returned due to repairs that were done to it. This way no custom taxes will be incurred to the customer.

– In the event that the return of the product by the purchaser is due to an error by the website of “Zahavittshuba”, such as a product missing from the order, a non-compliant product or a manufacturing defect in the product, we undertake to refund, in addition to the purchase price of the product, the shipping costs incurred by the purchaser for the delivery of the product. The product should be returned to us new, unused.

- The purchaser must report the error by email to: within a maximum of 24 hours of receiving the order.

– No refund may be made to any purchaser who has not exercised his/her right of return under the terms and conditions of this Article.

Article 9: Customer Service

– For further information or to make a complaint, purchasers can contact customer service at the following address:

– Customer service can also be contacted by telephone, Sunday to Friday (9 AM to 6 PM Tel Aviv) at +972-52-2548810.

A person that purchased a garment or any other product made by “Zahavittshuba” in other websites or in stores, or from another private person cannot receive from us any type of service regarding that product. There may be garments and products of “Zahavittshuba” that are sold in a second-hand market by either brides that used them, stores, or even secondhand websites that we are selling our products. These products are often different in their style, price etc. than those sold in this website.

Article 10: Personal information

– The transmission of information on the Zahavit Tshuba website takes place in a secure environment, using the Internet protocols in force

The Zahavit Tshuba website undertakes not to disclose the information provided to third parties. This is confidential and shall only be used for processing the order.

If a customer that purchased a product from the “Zahavittshuba” website posted the photo of the user of the product e.g. the bride, and we are tagged to that photo we see it as an instant approval to post in our social media sites and in other social mediums.

A customer that continues to receive promotional emails from us has the right to be removed from our mailing list. An email requesting such removal should be sent and we will immediately delete customer from these mailing addresses.

Article 11: Changes and updates

– The terms and conditions are changed regularly, notably, to take into consideration any potential regulatory changes. The new terms and conditions shall apply as of the date of their publication on the website of www.zahzavittshuba.