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How it Works

Zahavit Tshuba is an esteemed wedding dresses designer. Her designs are known to be different, original and distinctive from existing bridal dresses. Her designs were recognized in the world's biggest magazines and blogs. Zahavit's targets brides who have high affinity to fashion, and who aspire to be different and special on their wedding day.

Our brides do not follow trends, they create them.

Therefore, Zahavit has decided not to be a commercial brand that works with countless stores around the world, and not to be subject to mass production that will limit the creative ability of the designer. Alternately, Zahavit works using a method of small and unique production & working with only a few boutiques around the world, so that the product does not appear commercial. The aspiration is to have each dress look as a work of art, and for each bride to look different and distinct from others.

We believe that this innovative ideology, in a world where internet shopping has turned into a consensus and an exciting experience, and through working directly with the brides, with no external intervention and with no overpricing, will allow brides from all over the world to enjoy Zahavit's unique and special designs. This is all while constant back and forth between the studios staff and the bride, until the bride reaches the decision on whether to purchase the product.

By giving up champagne glasses and exhausting appointments with her families in luxury boutiques, the bride will get the chance to wear a unique dress made especially for her. The bride will receive personal and direct treatment from the designer's team, who will answer all question and respond to all request. The bride will consequently save thousands of dollars over the same dress if it was otherwise sold in those boutiques, as it is priced according to our costs as producers, without store profits.


How do I order online?

You should make the order and put the first payment through PayPal. After the payment, we will send you a sheet in which you will fill your body measurements. It should be filled with the help of a professional dressmaker. Moreover, we will send you messages and emails to get more information related to the dress you chose; we may ask for specific measurements (such as: bra size) or a photo of the bride's body (without the face). It is not mandatory, and it is for the purpose for having all the information regarding the proportions of the body.

After receiving the measurements sheet and the bride's requests, we will start working on the dress accordingly. We will contact the bride immediately when the dress is ready, and will send her pictures of the dress along with measuring tape attached to it as a proof for the measurements.

After the bride confirms the photos, the dress will be shipped and delivered to her home.

Despite the accuracy in the making of the dress, according to the measures provided, there are case that the dress needs corrections or fixing for a perfect fit. We do not commit to 100% accuracy, and it should be taken into consideration that the dress may need to undergo further corrections and fittings by a local dressmaker and at the expenses of the bride.

In case it is required to send more fabric for corrections, or decorative elements, we will be happy to help and provide the bride with the material needed.
Where can I see and measure the dresses?
Basically, all the models are available in our flagship store in Tel-Aviv. It is possible to arrive for an impression and to set an appointment for a measurement session. Part of our collections can be also found in London and in Moscow. The considerably reduced prices listed in the website are for online purchases only. Purchasing online does not include meeting with the staff and measurement sessions.
Is it possible to buy only a skirt or a top?
As our dresses mostly consist of two parts, and in order to wear a unique & interesting combination, we usually do not sell them separately.
Can I combine items from different collections?

Yes, absolutely. We use similar materials, shades and colors in our collections, and so, it is possible to combine a top and a skirt, as well as accessories from different collections.

There could be products that are out of stock, so we advise you to send us an email that includes pictures of the items you wish to combine, and we will let you know if possible or not.
How long does it take to make the dress that I ordered?

The estimated time it takes to make the dress in 3-4 months.

In some urgent cases, it is possible to create a dress within 1 month or even less. Therefore, in such a situation, we invite you to contact us immediately in order to discuss the options.
What are the payment methods?
It is possible to pay by a bank transfer or through PayPal.
Is international shipping safe for dresses?
All our packages are insured by the delivery company.
What are the estimated shipping time?
We work mainly with DHL, and so, to most countries, the packages should arrive within 5-7 working days or even sooner. In some cases, the parcel might be held and delayed by customs for a few days, which is out of our control.
What are the shipping fees?
In most cases we are in charge of paying the shipping costs. We ship to most countries in the world and we do not charge shipping fees from brides who ordered online. Nonetheless, please be noted that we are not responsible for local taxes that each country demand.
Do I need to pay any additional charges/taxes when receiving the dress?

When the parcel arrives to your country, and in order to receive it, you might need to pay local taxes such as customs fee. Each country has its own regulations, which ranges from minor fees to very high.

Please check these fees upon order.
What happens if the dress that I received was too small, big or short?

Our dresses are sewn according to the measurements provided by the bride at the time of the order. We are not responsible for wrong information supplied, as well as for body changes occurring during the months of preparing the dress (ex. weight loose/gain or increase in muscle mass). Our dresses are usually posted with extra fabric on seams which will allow you to enlarge the dress with almost a whole size in case it was tight. Moreover, we sew the dresses longer than the demanded size, as not to have a shortage of fabric.

If the bride lost weight and the dress was too big or too long, she should have it fixed by a local dressmaker.
What happens if I do not like the dress or the event was cancelled, and I am interested in returning the dress or cancel the order?
The dresses are sewn per order and according to the costumer's requests, and requires valuable materials and imported fabrics. Upon order, the materials and payments are sent and transferred immediately to the parties responsible for preparing the dress. And so, we do not have a refund policy and orders cannot be cancelled. It is not possible to cancel nor return the dresses.
What if I wanted to come to the store for fitting meetings?

A bride who purchased a dress online will receive it directly to her home, ready and according her body measurements, and will not go through a measuring process.

If you are interested to go through a measuring process, you will have to arrive to our flagship store in Tel-Aviv. It is possible to arrive and then order the same dress as seen online, but the prices will be higher than those listed in the website. A meeting with staff members or stylist and receiving personal service, with measuring and corrections, will lead to higher prices.

Please be noted that if you have already purchased a dress online, and then wish to have it altered by our staff, it will not be possible to have alterations meetings with any of the boutiques that carry the brand. They are not in charge of dresses that was purchased online. It can only be done with your own seamstress, or you can arrange fitting meetings with our main show room in Tel-Aviv; you might be charged for alterations.

Anyhow, even with measurements and corrections in our store, additional measurements might be needed before the wedding. The bride often loses weight and the dress will require a correction which she will be responsible for. This should be done by a local dressmaker.
Taking care of the dress after the wedding?
You should advise with a specialist cleaner of soft and tender clothing. Some items will require dry-cleaning, while others will require hand washing with water and soap without rubbing or squeezing. Crystals, metal accessories, decorative ribbons, fringes or similar add-ons on the dresses must be removed prior to washing.