Special Wedding dresses – non traditional wedding dresses

Zahavit Tshuba’s love for design began in her childhood thanks to her parents who worked for many years in the fashion business. Zahavit worked with her mother in designing wedding dresses in Israel and in New York. Later on, she studied fashion design in Shenkar College External Studies program.

Zahavit’s studio crew understands that every bride wants to be special and noble in her wedding day. She wishes to feel pretty and glamorous than ever in an outstanding wedding dress. Moreover, every bride has her own personal preferences and style. It’s Zahavit’s role, as an international wedding dresses designer, to design for each bride the most prestigious and special dress. Needless to say that the design would be in accordance to the bride’s personal taste, and to the mentality and atmosphere of the wedding depending on the country in which it takes place.

As a person who is fond of contrasts and interesting combinations of simplicity and prestige, Zahavit chose to design her latest collections in a way that corresponds with the bohemian life style. This style is neutral in aspects of time and place, it was prevalent during the 60’s and the 70’s in different areas around the world. The bohemian style is free of trends or any common traditional elements. By being so, designing in a bohemian style, is open for any interpretation. In some extant, the bohemian style is opposed to the more restrained style that widespread in the bridal industry.

This “designing freedom” allows the creation of wedding dresses which, on one hand, are glamorous and prestigious, and on the other hand, have a loose feeling that doesn’t resemble any other bridal look. As a result of being inspired by the bohemian ambiance, we design wedding dresses that transmit a message which is out of the ordinary in the bridal industry. Some of the impressing fabrics we use are quite common, for example, tulle fabric and all kinds of silk fabrics. However, we combine them with antique looking crochet laces, which are rare, and also with blown or falling shapes of skirts and gentle corsets with a young look. These elements provide the bridal gown its spectacular and prestigious look but more importantly, its uniqueness, since this wedding dress is not like any other.

Our studio is situated in “Mandarin” hotel, which is located on the northern part of the shore of Tel-Aviv. In our studio, one will be able to find wedding dresses with an haute couture atmosphere. These were designed for brides who have a fine taste and who are looking for a different design to their wedding dress. What makes the difference between a “wedding dress” and a ‘prestigious’, ‘modern’ or ‘unique wedding dress’ is the use of special fabrics along with the right amount of embellishments, special crocheted laces, and also the sexy and modern cuts.

Our bridal gowns are characterized with a clear fashionable ambience. That is to say, that they have a glowing and up-to-date look, as opposed to a more traditional bridal look. That is what makes our wedding dresses just as special as the brides that come to us from all over the world. These are special women who has strong affinity to the fashion world, and who don’t compromise for the banal bridal look.

The foundation stones of the studio are: innovation, prestige and uniqueness. According to Zahavit’s saying – “without innovation and the creation of unique models in each collection, I won’t be able to fulfill myself as a bridal dresses designer” – we make sure to be up to date, on regular basis, regarding to everything that happens in the fashion world. In addition we participate in fashion displays around the world.

Nowadays, our bridal gowns can be found around the world in main

cities such as: Tel-Aviv, Moscow, London, Los Angeles.