Zahavit Tshuba, bridal dresses designer A designer is often asked “What inspires you? What guides you during the process of designing a wedding dress?” In general, it is common to create an inspirational formula to each collection which provides a repeated motif that leads to a visual harmony of the final collection. When we come to put together a collection and to choose the guiding line of the design, we often find ourselves repeating similar designing motifs in more than a single collection. For example, in our bridal collection of 2013, the use of the color powder-pink combined with handmade jewels decorations, was prominent. These kind of motifs can also be seen in our bridal collection of 2015, thus, they are part of the designer’s signatory. Our inspiration is drawn by observations of all walks of life, whereas, in most cases the inspiration is not coming at all from the common wedding dress design style. Our wedding dresses design is mainly influenced by the bohemian chic that was popular in the 60’s and 70’s, which can still be seen in movies from those times and among rock and pop stars. Zahavit Tshuba, Israeli wedding dresses designer, is inspired especially from the bohemian chic, which is free of trends and usually associated with intellectuals and artists. This kind of design provides Zahavit Tshuba’s bridal collection its uniqueness and difference from the common wedding dress design. Another prominent motif of Zahavit Tshuba bridal design is the use of contrasts. The combination between simplicity and the use of prestigious and unique lace fabrics, hand work elements along with non traditional, simple and light cut designs of wedding dresses, is dominant in her work. To sum up, Zahavit Tshuba’s wedding dresses design is influenced by a variety of elements. However, the unrestrained and free of trends kind of style, is the one that inspires her the most. Her wedding dresses are known for combing simplicity and prestige which creates a distinguished look that is different from the prevalent styles in the bridal industry.