Classic Wedding Dresses – style shooting in Magical Tuscany.

As part of my job as an international bridal dresses designer, I am often asked to collaborate with bloggers and photographers from all over the world. These collaborations involves known fashion photographers, bloggers and stylists from different countries who ask me and my crew to participate in those professional style shooting .

this time, we were asked by a team of British stylists, who specify in wedding-planning in different locations around the world, to take part in an outstanding production that was about to take place in the magical area called “Siera” in Italy.
The location for the photoshoot was “Villa Geggiano”, which is an old and extensive mansion abundant with amazing celling hand paintings. The castle itself is surrounded by an ancient buildings and enchanted gardens that comprise endless rows of cypress trees and wineries. Furthermore, the landscape of the area is breathtaking – it is romantic and magical as one. The aroma of the wine and the colorfulness of the place create an unforgettable sight that is wonderfully suitable for anyone who has ever dreamt on a romantic, Toscana-style wedding in a “magical gardens” ambiance.

There are very few places around the world whose atmosphere provokes such a romantic and tender feeling as “Villa Geggiano” does. The spectacular views, the noble uprightness of the cypress trees and the hypnotic sunshine that gently immerses in the magnificent landscape, are the reasons that made us all fall in love with the final images.

The set planning included the use of big peony flowers in the shade of blushed pink and table arrangements in a romantic decoration. The photoshoots were located next to wall paintings, rare celling paintings and rich work of art that filed the area.

Together with the British-Italian production team, we chose for the photoshoot a wedding dress that blended the best in the magical environment and atmosphere. The chosen dress was the “Naama” bridal gown. This is a classic and romantic gown that is composed of 2 pieces in a delicate shade of powder. The gown is made of layers of soft tulle fabric and has a fitted mermaid cut. Moreover, the “Naama” gown has some generous cleavages and it is enriched with plain pinky-powder fabric. The main element that adorns the gown is the shoulders decoration which is handmade with many crystal stones and has an antique look.  the chosen gown is a romantic and classic wedding dress that is characterized with loose style but also with a glamorous and fashionable look.

The flower arrangements, that were meticulously chosen, incredibly contributed to set’s beauty. The blushed pink flowers, together with the romantic and soft makeup of the model and her loose hairdo, provided the wedding dress its special, vintage and romantic look. The brilliant styling and all the elements mentioned above, created a unique appearance to our wedding dress and enable such an unforgettable photoshoot production to come true.