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Zahavit Tshuba is an appreciated designer in the bridal / evening dresses, and Fine Jewelry industry.

The Source. She grew up in the realm of her parent’s textile business, breathing the fashion industry all around. From a young age she worked in a textile factory manufacturing clothes in Israel. She learned and absorbed the secrets of the trade, first hand, from the most natural source– her parents.

Her father’s trade as a diamond cutter inspired her and she spent almost 10 years in the diamond industry while studying gemology and designing fine jewelry for her close circle of acquaintances.

A New Concept. Consequently, Zahavit was able to successfully integrate between these two fashion realms of garments & jewelry and to create a design line that is independent of fashionable trends and in fact, creates new statements of fashion with each product which were already acknowledged by some of the most significant fashion Bloggs and magazines in the industry. Some are featured on this website.

Zahavit’s Ideology is to work with small quantities and one on one, rather than with mass production, which would be the case if her products were marketed through stores worldwide. This work concept enables her to focus on unique, one of a kind bridal dresses. Each bride can have her own customized look.

The Fashion Studio. Today, Zahavit resides in Tel Aviv, Israel where she has her own fashion studio at the prestigious “Kikar Hamdeina", known as an upscale shopping district in the Tel Aviv center visited by local and international customers.

Shopping Online. Zahavit’s studio in Tel Aviv created this unique online “Zahavittshuba” website to enable brides and fashionable women worldwide, with exquisite taste and with strong affiliation to the fashion industry, striving to be unique and exceptional to directly access Zahavit’s Bridal and Jewelry collections online. This avoids the need to engage in store appointments at her studio or any other store in the world!

“Zahavittshuba” website features a unique service system, that preserves the quality of the products received by customers while saving time and money in the process.

Purchasing online at “Zahavittshuba” website without compromising on quality reduces significantly prices of high end garments and fine jewelry

In today’s global market, such intimacy is largely appreciated by her clients and has become an invaluable and innovative mode of shopping for those still looking for the personal touch.

Learn More- To explore each realm more in depth, check out the bridal and the Jewelry webpages where more details are available.


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