Wedding Dresses – Boho Boho brides dresses

we are inviting you to view our very special Boho Boho Collection. this collection is all about the frees spiritual bohemian lifestyle, no trends, no rules and all options are open. most dresses are two pieces and the options the brides are getting in order to create new designs for their special wedding day, are almost endless. in order to give our wedding dresses a special and an unforgettable look, we choose to use a strong contrast between soft and common fabrics from the world of wedding dresses, together with a very simple and non traditional materials, taken from the day life, such as simple cottons trimmings, an antique style flowers laces, and rare handmade crocheted pieces which are not common in wedding dresses designs this days.

the use of contrasts in our wedding dresses, gives our collection a very unique and high fashion statement which attracts a fashion forward brides from all over the world, who will never compromise on the traditional common look for their wedding dress.

our Boho Boho collection is fresh and different not only because of the materials and contrast we used, but also by the special cuts we used in this collection. you can find a very fitted and sexy wedding dresses with open back and V neckline, together with a bohemian loose cuts, enriched with crystals and pearls handwork, ball cut tulle skirts with small corsets and mermaid cut silk wedding dresses, embellished with handwork elements and an exclusive wedding dresses accessories, belts and sheer capes which are all hand made in Zahavit’s work room in Tel Aviv.

mixing and matching is also possible between pieces from the Boho Boho Collection, together with pieces from Zahavit Tshuba’s other wedding dresses and accessories collections.