NEW – LaLa fine jewelry By Zahavit Tshuba

Zahavit Tshuba is excited to introduce to you her fine jewelry collection.

While working as a fashion designer and during her studies,Zahavit worked 10 years at the Israeli Diamond Exchange, where she acquired knowledge and experience in the diamond industry, visited various diamond exchanges around the world and diamond mines in Africa. She later studied gemology and started designing jewelry for her close circle of acquaintances.

Today, when the wedding gowns brand has become popular among fashionista brides, magazines, and fashion world opinion leaders, Zahavit has decided to fulfil another dream of hers and to launch a gold and diamonds jewelry collection designed by her. An inspiration for this field as well as for the bridal collections comes from the bohemian lifestyle; a style disconnected from widely accepted trends and combining in itself classic designs as well as unusual and unique fashion-statement designs.

All the jewelry is hand made in a workshop located in the heart of the famous Diamond Exchange complex in Israel. The workshop team, that Zahavit has been working with for the past10 years, has over quarter of a century of experience in the field of gold and diamonds.

As a gemologist certified by IDI (Israel Diamond Institute), Zahavit has the knowledge and the ability to choose diamonds and the highest quality materials and together with the workshop professional team create the perfect jewelry for eachand every customer. The items are made of 14K gold and can be created in the quality of 18K gold at an extra cost.

In the collection you will find classic design jewelry such as diamond solitaire rings with high carat weight, when each stone has GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) certificate. You willalso find items with Zahavit’s special design, combining gold and small diamonds (clarity VS and higher), as well as inclusion of high-quality gemstones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire and others.

“The name LALA that I chose for my jewelry line, is actually an acronym for the names of my little boys LEO & ARI. It is a sign of appreciation and huge thanks to them for allowing me to be a careerist mother and to fulfil my potential in anything I have aspired for so far, even if sometimes it comes at the expense of our time together. This collection is dedicated to them and to all the customers and friends who support me and what I do and give me the power to discover myself again and again.”