Wedding Dresses

we are inviting you to enter the world of Zahavit Tshuba’s wedding dresses, to view the details, the materials and the special way Zahavit works  in order to create a different and unique wedding dresses, which are kind of fashion statement in the bridal industry, due to its sophistication and non traditional techniques and materials. each one of the collections has a flexibility of Mix and Match between all pieces in the collection and between pieces from all collections. Zahavit Tshuba’s free spiritual fashion forward brides are getting the chance to literally create their own very special wedding dress together with us by mixing and matching, all options are open!! no rules on terms of colors, cuts and fabrics, it gives the wedding dresses a completely fresh new look with an endless possibilities to create a one of a kind wedding dress, a completely new  design which no one of our brides had before. Zahavit Tshuba’s Bohemian chic wedding dresses are undoubtedly the fashion statement by those who wear them. our brides are literally creating wedding dresses trends and not following them.